5 Great Sites to Host Your Webinar

Many of us have our own business or want to start one. Some of us who started a business used our own Skype or Hangout account in order to have meetings. This can be hard as we juggle between personal and professional conversations. There is also the fact certain apps only allow you, to connect with those with the same app .

Using well-known sites such as Skype or Hangout sometimes doesn’t give us the professionalism we are looking for. Although Skype and Hangout is great for those small meetings, what happens when you have more than ten people or you have presentation slides you want to show your audience? This is where a webinar site will come in useful.

A lot of web hosting sites allows you to host conferences within your site (usually for an additional fee to your package), but what if you don’t have a website? Or, what if you just want to hold a webinar maybe once a month or less? If you don’t need a subscription to a site until your business really starts to escalate, you can use any of these five sites that do an excellent job of hosting webinars.

  1. Freeconferencecall.com

freeconferencecall_616  This webinar site lets you have twenty-five people on your conference for free. It is a great site because it allows you to do screen view (so the audience can see the presentation you designed ), record your webinar, and send the link to whoever missed your webinar. You can also upload files and give links to the audience in case you have a book or something promotional to give out.

Freeconferencecall.Com lets you see your audience and gives you your own personal access and phone number. It is easy to set up and has customer support for those times you need help.  And yes, you can also hold conference telephone calls.


freescreen_616 This site does what it says. It’s free and you can share screens with another speaker. This is perfect for the times when you have a guest speaker or co-writer. Freescreensharing.com allow other participants to share their screen although you are the main host. Once again, the great thing about this site is, it is free up to one-thousand participants. You get up to six hours and unlimited webinars per month. Downloads are included for this awesome site as well.

So far you have two great webinar sites that allow downloads. The next three has benefits for you as well.

  1. Meetingburner.com

meetingburner_616This site has a variety of package deals. As part of the package deal, you can stick with the free package they offer that allow you to have ten attendees and live meetings. The advanced packages allows more features and participants of course.

The last two sites are two of the most used webinars by corporations. Although they ask for a fee (for the more useful part of the site,) in the end, it is all worth it if you have a large platform.

  1. Gotomeeting.com

gotomeeting_616  Although it gives you a thirty-day trial, gotomeeting.com, is one of the most popular webinar sites used by a lot of businesses. It allows screen sharing and audio conferencing. The size of your attendees determines the fee per month.

  1. Anymeeting.com

anymeeting_616.jpg This amazing webinar site lets you have free webinars up to one-thousand participants, personal url, international and national telephone number,follow-up emails, surveys, and tests. Anymeeting.com also has registration forms and handouts. After the fourteen day trail, rates apply.

These webinar conference sites are great to use to promote yourself or use as part of a training course you offer. The best thing to do when you are starting, is compare the different sites to each other in order to see Which works for you.

What webinar conference site have you tried?


About Aliefwrites

Alison enjoys writing about topics that can inspire and help others in their journey of becoming a writer or blogger. She is an editor, proofreader, writer, and graphic designer. She loves crafts and planning big event parties and is in the process of writing her sci-fi trilogy The Elements.
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