Be a Writer with Integrity-Keep Your Promises

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In lieu of me planning on posting a continual blog to the last one, I feel this one takes precedence over any other consultation I had to give you for your writing journey.

While perusing on my personal Facebook page, I came across a blog ad that asked me to sign up for a free webinar happening that week. Of course FREE is my favorite word and it was on a topic I knew would not only help me but my followers as well.

The first thing I did was check the time it was scheduled to post. Once I saw I can fit it into my schedule, I quickly signed up and began downloading all the information that was sent to my email. I was excited about the webinar because in the advertisement it was already answering questions I had been asking myself for years. I knew this would be a well worth webinar.

Days before the webinar I confirmed the time and link and cleared my agenda so I can spend the time in the webinar. The day of the webinar I was resent a page with the link. I opened the new email approximately ten minutes before it started. To my surprise they were eight other participants besides me waiting for the webinar to start. At first I thought for something advertised on Facebook, this is a small amount of participants; hopefully others will join in for the sake of the hostess, then I looked at the top of the participant list only to see the start time said ‘one hour ten minutes.’

Shocked at the start time, reverting back to the first email was my only option to clear my baffled mind. The program was supposed to start at 5p.m. Eastern, but according to the revised email it said 5p.m. Central time.

“Well of all the nerve!” I shouted. It’s not bad enough I could have been doing something else but now I have to wait another hour before it starts.

Let Your Yes Be a Yes

Ladies and gentleman, be a person with integrity. As a writer it is important you make your deadlines.

If you promised an agent a revision at a certain time give it to them.

Never break your appointments.

If you hold webinars, please indicate your time zone on your invitation so your participants can schedule accordingly.

If you say you are going to do something at a certain time, then do it. If you have to reschedule, don’t sneak it in or think “Well those who can’t make the new time oh well.” The tables will turn on you and you will reap what you sow. It will become ‘oh well’ on you because that, right there, is bad business Buddy.

The World Wide Web is Worldwide

The World Wide Web isn’t called that because it sounds catchy. It actually is ‘worldwide’. That means anyone; anywhere can watch your webinar. The last thing you want to do is make a bad reputation for yourself. The slightest mistake can make someone judge you and with the same World Wide Web, your name can hit social media in less than three seconds. What type of impact do you want it to make?

The End Result

I was fortunate enough to catch some of the webinar. The speaker did follow the old time cliché of save the best for last but unfortunately I wasn’t able to stick around to watch the main factor of her webinar. The tiny bit of information I watched will help me but unfortunately it will not help her.

I was able to find a fortunate opportunity to turn this into something positive and lucrative for both of us. If this should ever happen to you, you can turn this into a win-win situation. If the speaker is professional enough they would have a comment or survey along with the webinar. That is your time to professionally inform her not to take her potential audience for a fool and, in the future, show integrity by informing them of any changes. You can then direct them to your blog or another writer you know that will help them.

My LinkedIn page has blogs that speak on work and managerial protocol, and I was able to direct her to it where we were able to form a great professional relationship.

Have you had a client or know of a person who lacked integrity in their so call field? I would love to hear how you resolved the issue? Did you help them or someone else?


About Aliefwrites

Alison enjoys writing about topics that can inspire and help others in their journey of becoming a writer or blogger. She is an editor, proofreader, writer, and graphic designer. She loves crafts and planning big event parties and is in the process of writing her sci-fi trilogy The Elements.
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