Finding the Right Time to Write

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Sure, you know most of the reasons why your book and blog is taking a long time to come complete based off of my previous blog on how I allowed certain things to interrupt my writing. I would not feel comfortable telling you the problem without giving a solution. One of those solutions to getting your book finished is having time.

Finding time to write while you’re working or raising a child or tending to a loved one is, is easier to do than you think.


Time to Work

When I started on my writing adventure, the information I received as far as when to write was, ‘write in the morning’.

What are they nuts? I can barely get up in time to go to work! Thankfully that is not the only time to write.


Businessman on the Train

photos by adobestock


  1. On Our Way to Work.

For those of us that take public transportation to work, we have the fortunate opportunity to write on our way into the office. Instead of staring out the window, or going back to sleep, use that time to write. Even if your travel is only a fifteen-minute drive. that is more time than if you didn’t write at all.

Driving to work should not stop you from having your story written. You can use your cellphone or tablet to record your voice while you drive and it converts it into text. You can also transcribe it when you are ready to edit. They are various apps that allow you to do this. Some of them are:

  1. Smart Voice Recorder
  2. Audio Recorder and
  3. Evernote (yes Evernote).

These are also helpful if you are at a job where you are on your feet all day.

Lunch break concept

  1. Time to Take a Break

If you have the type of job where you can’t speak your story into your phone, then the next time you have would be during lunch. Yes,it is fun to hear the latest work gossip, but the time you spend hearing someone’s interpretation of a situation you could have written a chapter of your story.

  1. Time to Hit the Road

The same way you got to work well you have to go back. You can write during that time as well.

A Little More Time

So far you put in three hours of writing time, going to work, at lunch, and on the way home. It is up to you whether this is enough writing or not. If you want to put in more time try these moments:

Woman On Bed Writing

  1. Writing after dinner.
  2. Writing after you put the kids to bed (if you have children)
  3. Writing before you go to sleep.

Before you know it your story would be written and ready for editing. They are plenty of other time slots you can slide into your schedule for writing. I’m positive you will find an activity that you can put aside for a few minutes to get your book completed.



What other times do you write your story?

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Alison enjoys writing about topics that can inspire and help others in their journey of becoming a writer or blogger. She is an editor, proofreader, writer, and graphic designer. She loves crafts and planning big event parties and is in the process of writing her sci-fi trilogy The Elements.
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