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Motivation can come in different ways and from different types of people. For the most part we want our motivators to be positive, upbeat, and a goal achiever. The same way the sun rises and sets, we have motivators and rejecters. It takes a person to repeat 30 times positive words before it sinks in and becomes permanent, yet, it takes only one time for that to be broken down. I found a way to take these negative situations and use them to motivate me toward my goal.

As some of you know my goal is to become a published author. I have not finished my book as of yet but, like most goal achievers, we can’t help but have ideas resonate from our head. The cutest, whimsical short poem flowed from pen to paper.

I was thinking of turning the short poem into a children’s story book with illustrations and a morale at the end.

The first thing I did after I wrote the poem, was read it to persons whose opinions I value. The response I received was a little appalling. I thought they would like the story which they did but the question that followed was browbeat.

Where everyone else understood who the narrator was and enjoyed the poem, one surveyor asked me who the narrator was. I told them it was the baby. They said they do not see a baby speaking words nor using those words  in that manner. I tried to explain of course a baby would not say these words; they cannot even speak!

I was a little confused as to why they did not understand that this was a baby’s dreams or thoughts but then I looked at it like “okay they just rejected me.” I took the situation and just said this is how it would feel when I write my young adult book and an agent does not think it is suitable enough for their business.

The feelings I took were okay that’s just one person that doesn’t like or understand the story it is not the end of the world. This is the way we need to think about all our goals. Just because somebody doesn’t see the end result or believe in it or even think that it is anything beneficial or good, does not mean that we give up. It is not their goal, it is yours. With that thought process instead of me getting upset and thinking I am the worst writer in the world, I used that as a motivation for me to publish this story. I passed it along to other people to get their opinion and soon enough this book will be published. Not because someone said I can’t, but because I said I will!


Has someone ever rejected you and deterred you from your goals? How did you feel and how did you respond?

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