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Alison enjoys writing about topics that can inspire and help others in their journey of becoming a writer or blogger. She is an editor, proofreader, writer, and graphic designer. She loves crafts and planning big event parties and is in the process of writing her sci-fi trilogy The Elements.

Journal Your Goals

The main point I have been stressing for the past year and since I started my Aliefwrites blog, is the importance of not procrastinating. I tried to show areas where we procrastinate and why as well as how we do … Continue reading

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How to Find a Mentor Without Looking For One

I always like to shop the competition when it comes to my publishing design skills, but as I was about to Google my next opponent, I noticed Google Doodle had a new image on their homepage. For those of you … Continue reading

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Taking a Chance with Your Goals

I wrote a little motivational thought to help us going with our goals. When you start a goal you are always taking a chance that it will be successful or it will fail. You take the chance anyway. CHANCE Sometimes … Continue reading

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Feed Off of Someone Else’s Goals-Person 3

One of the best things I got on a rainy day was a specialty cupcake from a daughter and pop shop. I went to Old Town in Alexandria, Virginia to the Tea and Spice Exchange to buy some tea leaves. … Continue reading

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Let Rejection be a Motivation-Person 2

Continuation from-Three Ways to Find Motivation From People Motivation can come in different ways and from different types of people. For the most part we want our motivators to be positive, upbeat, and a goal achiever. The same way the … Continue reading

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Three Ways to Find Motivation from People-Person 1

The Cheerleader One of my former co-workers, who moved out of state, came to visit us as he prepared for his wedding. We were all very excited to see him and his fiance as we reminisced about all the fun … Continue reading

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3 Reasons You Need a Support Team

It’s not often I watch television furthermore a reality television show, but Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta, caught my attention. In one of the episodes, the daughter of Lil Wayne, Reginae Carter, spoke to her family about a breast reduction. … Continue reading

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