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Alison enjoys writing about topics that can inspire and help others in their journey of becoming a writer or blogger. She is an editor, proofreader, writer, and graphic designer. She loves crafts and planning big event parties and is in the process of writing her sci-fi trilogy The Elements.

Finding the Right Time to Write

Part Of: So You Want to Write a Book Series   Sure, you know most of the reasons why your book and blog is taking a long time to come complete based off of my previous blog on how I … Continue reading

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Books and Readers Meet Up at the Book Con

When an opportunity comes your way such as attending the 2017 Book Con held at the New York City Javitzs Center, it’s best to jump on it. And that’s what I did. I usually plan things out and have my … Continue reading

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The First Thing You Should Do Before Writing

Ever so often I like to take a refresher course in re-employment and cover letter writing. In this free informational class, one of the key notes the instructor insist on before we seek employment for a job is, we should … Continue reading

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I Allowed Five Things to Interrupt My Writing Time

PART OF: So You Want to Write a Book Series Most writers I know, who has a full-time job, would love to have at least one hour to be able to sit down and let their writing juices flow. The goal to set aside … Continue reading

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Everyday is an Accomplishment to Your Goal

I often like to write about procrastination of book writing, why your book isn’t published, and things that stopped you from writing. Well, I write them because these are things that have blocked my journey of completing my novel The Elements-Book … Continue reading

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Be a Writer with Integrity-Keep Your Promises

In lieu of me planning on posting a continual blog to the last one, I feel this one takes precedence over any other consultation I had to give you for your writing journey. While perusing on my personal Facebook page, … Continue reading

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5 Great Sites to Host Your Webinar

Many of us have our own business or want to start one. Some of us who started a business used our own Skype or Hangout account in order to have meetings. This can be hard as we juggle between personal … Continue reading

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