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What Networking Can do For Your Writing

The thing that I constantly blog about and drive in to my clients heads is to stop procrastinating. When you see an opportunity to better yourself, take it! That is exactly what I did on Sunday, August 20, when I … Continue reading

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Be a Writer with Integrity-Keep Your Promises

In lieu of me planning on posting a continual blog to the last one, I feel this one takes precedence over any other consultation I had to give you for your writing journey. While perusing on my personal Facebook page, … Continue reading

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Writer’s Guild Attendees Are Ready to Conquer the ‘Blog’

I want to take this time to thank all those who attended my blog class at the Life Journeys Writers Guild held in Waldorf, Maryland, at the Waldorf West Library on Saturday, May 21. For those of you who missed … Continue reading

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The Days Before an Event

With two days left before a big event, Sarah paced the floor as she tried to recite her speech. The book she promised her editor was barely done (she had written four out of the nine chapters required), and the … Continue reading

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