What Networking Can do For Your Writing


Flyer for Intros&Collabos

The thing that I constantly blog about and drive in to my clients heads is to stop procrastinating. When you see an opportunity to better yourself, take it! That is exactly what I did on Sunday, August 20, when I attended Intros & Collabos networking party hosted by Events by Celeste.

The afternoon started with a singing lesson for my daughter turned into a last minute invite. In the beginning I was not going to attend but I quickly thought to myself ”This will be an opportunity for me to meet event planners and possibly other people that can help me.” I received a lot more than what I anticipated.

Intros & Collabos was one of the best networking events I attended. The crowd of professional entrepreneurs was of moderate size and enough for everyone to network comfortably. Like I said, this was a last minute invite from my sister-in-law, Mayra Figueroa-Clark, #The LoveExpert; therefore, I did not have business cards or a pitch for myself. That didn’t stop her from encouraging me to network. The result was certainly memorable.

After everyone introduced themselves, entrepreneurs flocked to me in regards to wanting to write a book. Thank the Lord for modern technology. I was still able to make a lasting impression without my business cards. I put my contact information into their device. Absolutely no way of dropping or misplacing it now.

So What Can Networking do For a Writer’s Career?

  1. Give you fans and opportunities in all types of industries.

Try to attend as much networking conferences as you can and not only specifically in your niche. If you are writing about a spaceship flying to Saturn, go to a scientist convention. All you have to do is tell them you are writing a book about spaceships and not only would they be interested in reading it but also they may be willing to help you with your research.

  1. Be the shell breaker you need.

Hard to believe but I am an introvert. If Mayra did not push me (let’s be honest, give me the ‘you better do this’ look,) I know I would had sat in my seat and soaked in the ambiance. Without a speech I explained who I was and what I can do for them. In less than a minute people knew how I can be of service to them.

  1. Prove business cards are not the only way to leave a memory.

Besides not being properly dressed for the occasion, I did not have business cards with me. This did not stop people from getting my contact information. Having social network exposure really helps. This is why I stress to my clients to get a blog. As a result of not having business cards and still getting contacts, I am going to add this no card concept to my branding. Giving my number and putting theirs in my device, is a confirmed way to stay in contact with potential fans or clients. Tell your contacts to make sure it is stored in a cloud or somewhere safe in case the phone zombies decide to attack.

  1. Introduce you to fans and more fans.

I have new friends! I have people I can call on when my clients want to hold an event and need a complimentary outfit to wear-jbaldymac. Of course getting there without having to stress about directions and traffic-Borden Transportation is also something I can give to my clients. Let’s not forget about looking gorgeous for the crowd-Flawless Faces. All these entrepreneurs and gifts inspired me to continue to inspire you.

At the end of the day I gained more contacts in three hours than I did in six months. I am excited about going to more events and hope to have and other contacts help me with the premier party for my first novel. Networking improved my writing because more people are depending on me and expecting my book. I have more accountability and less reason to procrastinate.


Have you been to a networking party? What have it done for you?

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3 Reasons You Need a Support Team

Your support team

Image by freepix.es

It’s not often I watch television furthermore a reality television show, but Growing up Hip Hop Atlanta, caught my attention.
In one of the episodes, the daughter of Lil Wayne, Reginae Carter, spoke to her family about a breast reduction. Unfortunately the episode I was watching, only her friends supported her.
That episode had me thinking about my writing career. Where were my supporters when I told the world I was going to write a book? Like some peoples experience, those close to you never seem to believe you. Then when you do it, they try to act all suprised as if they never thought it possible. This is NOT the type of support team you want anyway. If anything stay away from people with such negative characeter.Like an infection, thier negativity will spread into your mind and eventually discourage you from achieving your goal.
My family felt my idea of becoming an encouraging writer was just a dream I had (along with many others such as being the first African-American ice skating Rockette.)
Besides my mom being one of the positive supporters in my writing career, I was able to find a great support group.The crowd of friends I had in high school were very supportive and encouraging for me. They always wanted to know what I wrote about and never gave me some ideas. That support system is long gone and years later I am now returning to riding with a new set of supporters-YOU.
A support system is very important for a lot of reasons:
1. It makes you feel good.
Whatever you do in life, it is always more fun with a friend. A friend would encourage and inspire you. They would always be excited to know what you wrote next. Taking thier advice not only helps you but also makes them feel important because thier adavice matters (and everyone wants to feel important). Having supporters would encourage you further in the next reason for having a support team.
2. It holds you accountable.
With everyone wantting to kow what will happen next you have to fulfill thier curiosity. You don’t wan to disappoint or lose your suppprt team by leaving them hanging for a long time so you write. And you like some more. You write until you eventually finish the book. That is when you ask for the support if your support team to fulfill reason number
3. They will spread the news.
People love to know they are part of something and you support team would love to know they are part of the beginning of a great book. They also love to know they contributed and letting everyone know your book is released (and they supported you through it), is a reward anybody would love to be a part of.
A support team is great and used in many subjects of the world. Let’s take for example of football and basketball team; they have cheerleaders rooting for them. Use your support team as your cheerleaders and you can never lose this fight.
I want to take this time to thank you for being my support. Please invite more and let me know who is on your support team.
Make one of your goals this week to get a support team.

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A New Journey, A New Blog

Related image

As we come closer to the end of the year, a lot of people are creating their New Year resolution or goal.

Well, I’m not! I’m going to continue exactly where I left off except with a new focus!

I started this blog solely to help fellow procrastinating and fearful writers as well as those who are thinking of writing a book but don’t know how to start.

My mission was to show followers to start with themselves. We need to get down to the down to the main reason of why we want to write and what is stopping us. I felt the best way to do that was to show you my root issues:

Fear and Procrastination.

While suspense filled the reader’s interest, fear strikes the heart quicker with a more poignant stench. I will no longer have fear of self. Starting now, I am going to blog about my writing journey.

No more waiting! No more hiding behind facts and knowledge! I am going to give it to you raw! That is the best way realize you are not alone in this producing your book adventure.

I welcome you into your new year and the newly focused me. Let our journey together begin.

What is your writing resolution/goal for the year? Need help achieving it? Email me with the subject NEW YEAR and receive 15% off the already low New Year package.

This exclusive package includes

  • 6 months of bi-weekly consultation to your book and development
  • A detailed plan of action to writing your book
  • A map of Character and worlds
  • A flow chart
  • A scheduled goal achievement booklet.

This $1729 package is being offered for the price of $535 (before discounts or promos)

Email or text now with the subject New Year. Offer expires January 12, 2018.

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Author Ngozi Adichie Speaks About What Started it All For Her


On September 25th around 6:30, I took a drive to a place I’ve never been, by myself which I’ve never done, and went to an authors event for a book signing. For me, the thought to do it was bravery enough, but my challenges didn’t end at that. I had to cross a one mile, two-lane bridge, that was so low to the water it appeared that the line of a fishing pole could touch it. (Did I mention I hate driving over bridges?)

Through all the 30 minute fear factor I went encountered, I finally made it to hear Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, author of Half of a Yellow Sun, and We Should All Be Feminist, talk about on her first book Purple Hibiscus,  at  Calvert High School in Calvert County. Kambili at the early age of 15, has to learn the struggles between obeying her religious, zealous father or standing up for what she knows is right. Taking place in Nigeria, Adichie is able to capture the sight, sound and feeling of Nigeria in this relatable story.

The audience as well as myself, was kept entertained by her witty and fun personality as she answered questioned from mediator Nadia Hashimi, author of The Sky at Our Feet. The question  and answereing opened with a jovial converstion about how some of us writers love going to public places especially an airport and watching and listening to others as a way to get ideas about a character.

The topic became a little more serious and close to heart when Adichie was asked a question from the narrator in regards to religion and politics. Keeping the conversation uplifting and entertaining, Adichie expressed the political issues (including racism), she went through as well as her characters. It was interesting to hear while searching for an agent, she was told to change her characters nationality. Agents were trying to make her “fit” into what America would accept.

What I find is, despite what genre you read or what nationality the character is, politics and religion can be expressed through the characters in the story. I remember the Book Con this year and the panel of Sci-Fi writers. The topic was on politics in sci-fi writings. It was said at the Book Con, politics plays a big roll in both religion and society.

Questions streamed from the audience on a flow of cards collected by the ushers. Some of the questions were how to become a better writer, in which she replied read more. The more you read the more you will write. In regards to her feminist movement, Adiche encouraged women to speak up and know “You matter.”

The conference concluded with a signing of her books in which I was brave enough to have her sign it. My take away from all the things Adichie spoke on something I was struggling with when it came to my writing. She said to “continue to write and keep writing what you know. If it’s something you don’t feel comfortable writing, don’t
write it.”

What have you learned from attending an authors conference?

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Finding the Right Time to Write

Part Of: So You Want to Write a Book Series


Sure, you know most of the reasons why your book and blog is taking a long time to come complete based off of my previous blog on how I allowed certain things to interrupt my writing. I would not feel comfortable telling you the problem without giving a solution. One of those solutions to getting your book finished is having time.

Finding time to write while you’re working or raising a child or tending to a loved one is, is easier to do than you think.


Time to Work

When I started on my writing adventure, the information I received as far as when to write was, ‘write in the morning’.

What are they nuts? I can barely get up in time to go to work! Thankfully that is not the only time to write.


Businessman on the Train

photos by adobestock


  1. On Our Way to Work.

For those of us that take public transportation to work, we have the fortunate opportunity to write on our way into the office. Instead of staring out the window, or going back to sleep, use that time to write. Even if your travel is only a fifteen-minute drive. that is more time than if you didn’t write at all.

Driving to work should not stop you from having your story written. You can use your cellphone or tablet to record your voice while you drive and it converts it into text. You can also transcribe it when you are ready to edit. They are various apps that allow you to do this. Some of them are:

  1. Smart Voice Recorder
  2. Audio Recorder and
  3. Evernote (yes Evernote).

These are also helpful if you are at a job where you are on your feet all day.

Lunch break concept

  1. Time to Take a Break

If you have the type of job where you can’t speak your story into your phone, then the next time you have would be during lunch. Yes,it is fun to hear the latest work gossip, but the time you spend hearing someone’s interpretation of a situation you could have written a chapter of your story.

  1. Time to Hit the Road

The same way you got to work well you have to go back. You can write during that time as well.

A Little More Time

So far you put in three hours of writing time, going to work, at lunch, and on the way home. It is up to you whether this is enough writing or not. If you want to put in more time try these moments:

Woman On Bed Writing

  1. Writing after dinner.
  2. Writing after you put the kids to bed (if you have children)
  3. Writing before you go to sleep.

Before you know it your story would be written and ready for editing. They are plenty of other time slots you can slide into your schedule for writing. I’m positive you will find an activity that you can put aside for a few minutes to get your book completed.



What other times do you write your story?

Need an awesome three month writing schedule, contact me and we can discuss my various packages to getting your book published.

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Books and Readers Meet Up at the Book Con


When an opportunity comes your way such as attending the 2017 Book Con held at the New York City Javitzs Center, it’s best to jump on it. And that’s what I did. I usually plan things out and have my ducks in a row before I make a financial decision but registering for the Book Con was one of the best last minute decisions I ever made.

What started in 2014 as a regular meet and greet for authors and readers, has been one of the biggest and best conventions where you now get to meet and hear from famous authors and see new exhibitors and vendors. There  were keynote speakers such as Nicola Yoon (Everything, Everything) and Kwame Alexander (The Crossover) giving you information on transforming a best seller into a movie and successes, struggles, and upcoming young adult comic projects. You also meet publishing companies like Harper Collins, Macmillan, Scholastic and others for those of us who want to know what the next book is coming from our favorite author.

This year the Book Con featured comedian/actor Kevin Hart debuting his first book I Can’t Make This Stuff Up. Guest had an open question and answering with Kevin Hart as he talked about his book.


Marissa Meyer and Laini Taylor play a game of Truth or Dare.

Other famous authors who graced the stage of the Javitz’s were Marissa Meyer author of the Lunar Chronicles and her upcoming book (which I can’t wait to get a hold of) Renegades Laini Taylor author of Strange the Dreamer. The two sci-fi authors held a game of truth or dare for the audience as they spoke about the worlds and characters of their books. They also reunited at a panel on magic and power.

Danielle Page and Christine Ancola helped writers find an easier more fun way to create their worlds. Of course, what would a Book Con be like without a Wimpy Kid gracing the stage? That’s right Jeffrey Kinney author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid was also amongst the authors speaking that day.

Kinney took the audience by entering the stage after a quick video of all the wonderful places he visited while touring for his books. He then continued to show the mainly tween filled audience pictures of his original journals that contained what inspired the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series.

The wonderful thing about going to a book con and sitting in on the mini-panels is the personal interaction the audience can have with the keynote speaker.  Kinney did that with such ease and relation to his young audience by playing a ‘guess which character’ game with them on a projection screen. Kinney would draw a line or two and ask the audience who is the character. He did this to show how we as readers can after a while recognize our favorite character by the slightest drawing.


A fan from the panel

Kinney was just the beginning of the day. Of course one of the main reasons for coming to a Book Con is to see your favorite author and have a book signing for them. It’s like getting an autograph from your favorite singer or tv acator.Book signing was done throughout the entire Javitz where lines wrapped around wrapped lines and onlookers sneaked a snapshot of the author as they passed by.


Lines wrapped around each other as fans waited to get their books signed.

Authors were not only signing books and taking pictures but they also spoke about various topics like:

  • What it takes to build your character
  • Bringing the romance out of your book and
  • How to create worlds.

Attendees filled the rooms as they listened and lined up for question and answering.

The event was a relaxing, awe inspiring way to spend a weekend. It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and resonating in the atmosphere of a fictional Hogwart, dragon, detectives, young lovers, adventurers and of course bunnies, teddy bears, and fairy dust.

Were you at the Book Con? What was your favorite part?

The next Book Con is June 2-3 2018. I will keep you updated as to the events speakers as book signings. I can’t wait to see you there.

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The First Thing You Should Do Before Writing

The number one as a polished golden object with clipping path

Ever so often I like to take a refresher course in re-employment and cover letter writing. In this free informational class, one of the key notes the instructor insist on before we seek employment for a job is, we should make a plan. The plan should consist of what type of job we want, how we should construct our resume to suit the jobs qualification, researching the correct address of jobsite, as well as, who we send it to and other tips. I immediately thought to myself; the same goes for writing a book or blog.

When an idea for a story or blog pops into our head, the first step we usually take is jumping in and writing. We know our main character and the reason for our book (or maybe not,) but what happens when:

  • You’re up to chapter 25 and you change one of the character’s name? Or,
  • The doorbell rings one day and it’s your long lost cousin coming to pay you a visit and you put your writing down—for three months.
  • Ever thought you could forget the entire point of your story or blog?
Plan concept

Plan concept

That is why the first thing you should do before starting is have a plan of action. A plan will keep you on track to finishing the book or continuous blogs. Your goal is to publish your book or blog and a plan of action will help tremendously.

Oh My, Would You Look at the Time!

Use your time wisely. A plan will mainly be used to set up a schedule of the things you have to do in order to get the book completed or blogs continually posted. It helps alleviate the stress and confusing of what you are going to do next and the action you have to take in order to accomplish this. The first action you want to take is to sit down and schedule the days and time you are going to write/ blog. After, you schedule what you are going to write about.

What This All Looks Like

One of the things that helps my clients with creating a writing or blogging schedule is, it keeps them on track. Having a schedule is essential especially for those times when you don’t know what to write or blog about. It helps keep you on track and most blog host sites allow you to schedule when you want your blog to post. This way you can prewrite a blog and spend more time on writing your book.

Here’s something you can imitate:

April 4            Write a 52-week list of topics for blog (two per week.)

April 6            Create an outline for book- who are my characters, what do they look like, what
struggles do they have, where do they live……

April 8            Write first blog and schedule to post April 11 (check response April 12th & 13th)….

Make sure your plan of action is on a calendar you use regularly. I suggest using a separate calendar. If you are going to use your usual calendar, make sure you use a different color pen or bar color on your electronic device for your writing/blogging schedule.

With a plan of action, you can stick to your goal of getting your book published. Continuing the routine where you write, edit, schedule to post twice a week will, eventually become a routine. They may come a point when you feel something is out of alignment if you skip a step or day.  Remember, that is a good feeling to have. It will motivate you to stay with your plan.

What is/was your first plan of action when writing your story/blog?

If you need help setting up a plan of action for your writing/blogging journey I can help. Contact me and mention the code PLAN from today until December 2, 2016, for 10% off the introductory price of my PLAN OF ACTION package.

Learn how to create a blog in my upcoming eBook Teach Me to Blog-But, Do it Quickly.


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