You Can Write as Many Books as You Want–At One Time

The one thing I love about teaching others is I learn so much about myself as well. During my blogging session, after the workshop, a guest came up and had a conversation with me. Within that conversation they stated how they tend to write more than one story at a time and felt as if that was wrong to do (as if it was a writing sin.)

That comment made me feel so relieved because that is exactly what I do. I told them there is absolutely nothing wrong with writing more than one book at a time. As long you don’t mix up your characters and stories, you can write as many stories as you can think.

Writing numerous stories at one time has helped me with writer’s block. I don’t get any symptoms (knock on wood). Since I am in the process of writing a trilogy, it would make sense I am writing more than one story at a time. I am also writing an adult fiction so when I get tired of writing about four human teenagers helping thier two alien friends defeat the Saturians who invaded Glitron, I can switch to a married friend of a stripper contemplating if she is going to sleep with her husband’s client.

The ability to do more than one job at a time is part of human nature. We all put down on our resumes ‘ability to multi-task,’ so why can’t we have the ability to multi-write?

Do you write more than one story at a time? Do you think it is writing etiquette to do so? I’d love to hear what you think.


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Writer’s Guild Attendees Are Ready to Conquer the ‘Blog’


Life Journeys Writers Guild members and guests got a start-to-finish blog lesson taught by Alison Figueroa (

I want to take this time to thank all those who attended my blog class at the Life Journeys Writers Guild held in Waldorf, Maryland, at the Waldorf West Library on Saturday, May 21. For those of you who missed it, don’t worry, the request for another class was clearly heard.

At this event I show the participants how to create a blog on WordPress from account sign up to posting the blog. As I taught the class, I learned a lot myself particularly about the areas where writers need help in blogging.

Our time was limited, and (almost like the computer gods planned it,) the internet was slow, making it even more challenging for me to intimately explain and demonstrate some of the pertinent steps in creating a blog. Despite all the welcomed questions and freezes, I was able to achieve my goal of teaching the class how to create a blog.

I will try my best to have a more in-depth class in the near future. Please continue to follow my site for more information regarding the date and location.

Like I said, I learned a lot too. The main thing I learned is I am a useful vessel to many and holding this class has inspired me to not only have a similar class but to hold classes that go further into blogging, design, and how to jump-in and market oneself.

At this time I am open to any ideas on what the audience would like to hear regarding blogging. I received some great questions and would love to blog about them in more detail. Is there anything you want to learn about blogging or how to create a post? Write your question in the comment box and good luck blogging.

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The Days Before an Event

With two days left before a big event, Sarah paced the floor as she tried to recite her speech. The book she promised her editor was barely done (she had written four out of the nine chapters required), and the presentation slides were not in order. The sweat from Sarah’s brow barely reached her nose when the phone rang; it was the coordinator.

This is the way I feel before special moments in my life. The event could be something so simple as making it to the doctor’s office in time to helping a client organize their office. Although all circumstances turn out for the best, I can’t help but allow the anticipation to yield its way into the depth of my heart.

The one thing that keeps doubts, fear, and anxiety out of my soul  is the joy I get knowing I am helping someone achieve their dream. There is no greater love than seeing a client or friend filled with excitement and glee as they realize they have succeeded in a chapter in their life.

In two days I will embark in teaching a group of writers and guests how to blog. They are no words (although I’m sure my fellow writers can find one) that can explain how excited and honored I am to be a part of what will enhance the goals they have set for themselves.

The day my joy will permeate into the minds of others and enlighten them–and you– on the world of blogging will be held by

Life Journeys Writers Guild on

Saturday, May 21,

2:30-4:30 at

Waldorf West Library-10405 Odonnell Pl Waldorf, MD

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Learn To Create a Blog the Quick Way

computer lab 3

Hands-on Training Waldorf West, MD

I have exciting news for all you writers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and those thinking about writing or blogging!

  • You already know you need a blog.
  • You know what you want to write for the blog.
  • The only thing stopping you is, you don’t know how to use those darn blogging software and sites.

Join me and other members and guest of the Life Journeys Writers Guild on Saturday, May 21, as I present a FREE hands-on course on setting up a blog.

Notice I didn’t say How To create a blog. That’s right you will be creating a blog page yourself from start to publish. They may also be an opportunity to get some tips and advice on how to attract followers and stay productive on your blogging ventures.

Invite other writers, coaches, entrepreneurs, and anyone you know who is interested in blogging. This FREE course is for everyone!

Mark it on your calendar:

Saturday, May 21.


Waldorf West Library, 10405 Odonnell Pl

For more information email me at aliefwrites[at]

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The Real Reason Your Blog Isn’t Up Yet

Plan concept

Plan concept

The Real Reason Your Blog Isn’t Up Yet

They are so many blogs on the internet telling you it is important to have a blog in order to grow your business. A lot of these sites are great resources until you have to do it and they don’t tell you why it’s taking you so long to get started.

I listed six hardcore reasons why your blog isn’t up yet, and how to overcome these reasons. The reasons may take a stab at your ego, but in the end, you’ll be a better person for having laying claim on the culprit.

  1. You’re on Facebook

Facebook can be your BFF or your worst enemy ever. When I get on a Facebook, my intention is to send out a notice about my new blog, a writer’s event or a tip, or a question regarding writing. What I end up doing is reading all my friends and family post and the next thing I know two hours have posted up on my clock.

Stay on Facebook

Wait! If I just said Facebook is one of the reasons your blog isn’t created yet, how can I tell you to stay on it? Easy! Create another page for your company only.

A lot of times I see entrepreneurs put both their personal and business information on the same Facebook page. There is no reason for that to happen. It confuses the follower and yields personal information to those who, perhaps, shouldn’t have it.

The way you want to make sure you get the correct Facebook time to blog for your company is to, spend at least one hour in the morning working on the business page. Once that’s accomplished then you can feel free to peruse your personal page.

  1. You Have a Job

It’s not always our dream job that we end up with; therefore, we are left no other choice but to make some adjustments in our lives. Don’t let your day job interrupt achieving your dream job.

Start Your Dream Job

As busy as your day is, by law, you are entitled to a lunch break. Use it wisely, eat healthy (you need to fuel your brain), and write your blog during lunch. If you decided to write it during the morning commute (this is for those who take public transportation, NEVER Blog and drive), then at lunchtime check back and see who responded or posted in the blog you wrote.

Although you may not be at your dream job, if you post to the right places such as LinkedIn, there is bound to be someone who will find you and want to use your services.

  1. You Have a Family

I am an advocate for family first. I have seen one to so start with this first, many marriages and relationships break apart because a career came before a family. Let them know how important writing your blog is to you. Second, engage them in the process. Hook them to brainstorm topics, perhaps, inspired by their daily experiences. Now you’ve accomplished two very important tasks talking with your family, validating their lives and getting great topics for your blog.

Include Your Family 

Children, spouses, or significant others love to know they are making an impact on the important things in your life. It makes them feel included, and their help and encouragement will benefit you as well.

Set up a schedule with your family and let them know the certain time of the day or week that you will be working on your blog. If you have young ones, wait until they go to bed and use that time to write your blog. For older children, they can take on a few of the chores or even help you by tweeting or Facebooking your blogs for you.  Spouses or significant others can take on house duties and even put the young ones to bed.

Keep in mind, blogging is not something you do every day, every hour–you have to have a plan.

  1. You Don’t Have a Plan

Sure you have so many things to write about, but you have no idea where to start. This alone can stress your mind and slow you down from even starting.

Create a Schedule

The best thing to do is create a date and time you are going to write a blog, and this way, you can see if your blogs flow and make sense, one after the other. If some type of pressing news slips in that you want to blog about, it is best to make the announcement on one of the social media and/or link followers to the blog. This way they know this is something out of the ordinary from your regular blogs.

  1. You Are Scared

There, there, it’s okay to be a little scared. It’s a new adventure for you. It can be overwhelming having to learn a new program, change your lifestyle, and start a new journey. No need to worry, everybody’s been there.

Just Do It

Start! That’s all I can say. You have to make up in your mind you are going to get the help, create the schedule, and pursue your blogging adventure. Easier said that done—you might say? I am proud to say that I’ve coached a many of doubters and can help you on your way to taking that first leap of faith and WRITING YOUR BLOG!

  1. You Don’t Know How

It’s okay to admit you have no clue about how to start blogging. With so many ‘blog sites’ and ‘How-To’s’ it’s hard to figure out which is the best one and the best hosting site for your blog as well.

Help Is Available

The one thing I try to instill with my clients is there is not just one site you can blog on. I do not point my clients to one blog site, only. I also do not assume everyone learns the same. A good coach will talk to you and find out how to use your strengths to start your blog.

Feel free to contact me if you need help starting your blog. They will be a Blogging 101 class, hosted by the Life Journeys Writers Guild, in Waldorf, MD, May 19th. In the meantime, follow my blog for the latest update and possible tips.

Blogging is fun and easy, and once you start doing it, you will wonder why you didn’t start earlier.

I’ve heard some pretty wild procrastination tales when it comes to “Why I can’t get my blogging in gear. Are there other ways you know that people procrastinate when it comes to starting a blog? I would love to hear it.

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Greetings to all viewers!

I am in the process of redoing my blog site. It is under construction as I attempt to bring you a more impactful fun ventured site for the writing world you are about to embark on.

Please stand by as I tweak and adjust.

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So You Want To Write a Book- Four Things to Know Before Starting

man typing-courtesy of ustock

Everyone told you to do it! Your clients are waiting to get a bulk of information from you. Your life coach insists it will expose you to greater opportunities, so why not write that book?

If you’re like most people your excuse is you don’t even know where to begin. You hear the words edit, agent, design, self-publish, copyright, and publishing, and now the headache you just got rid of is back.

As excited as you are, you don’t know where to start. The great thing about writing a book is you don’t have to start from the beginning, just start writing and let everything else fall into place. There are; however, four things you should know and understand before getting started.

1-Know the Difference Between Fiction and Non-Fiction

You’d be amazed at how many adults I consult and they are confused between what is Fiction and Nonfiction.

  • Fiction  I like to define fiction as whatever you can possibly imagine; in other words, if your idea is full of characters and a storyline that you made up, even if there is a moral to the story, it is fiction. Merriam Webster defines fiction as ‘written stories about people and events that are not real’.


  • NonfictionA nonfiction book is a where you add your facts, speak to your audience in order to get your expertise clearly defined and read. It is defined as, writing that is about facts or real events.[Webster Dictionary]

A nonfiction is a biography, a memorable time in someone’s life (known as a memoir), or researched information. Most nonfiction is self-published according to the niche audience it possesses.

2-Know the Difference Between Traditional Publishing and Self-publishing

The next thing you need to know is whether or not you want to have your book traditionally published or self-published. This is an area of publishing where you have a choice of how you want to financially reap what you sow.

In most conflicts there are two sides to the story. The same holds true when it comes to publishing.

  • Self-publishing- Is mainly used by nonfiction writers who have a niche market that they want to inform others about. Depending on the services a self-publishing company provides, a writer will pay that company to edit, design the book and cover, market, and or sell the book on the publishing website or an affiliate.

The majority (if not all) of the proceeds accrued will go to the author. This is the ‘happy side’ of self-publishing.

The harder side (I will not call it bad side because some people actually like this), is the self-marketing part. Although some publishing companies offer marketing, it comes with a fee and usually that fee is way up there for the ‘I’m just starting out’ person. A lot of writers rather not opt for that service; therefore, leaving it up to themselves to publicize and sell the book.

  • Traditional Publishing- Is fewer hands on. In fact it is HANDS OFF! Once you write the book and the publishing company agrees to produce your book, you give all responsibility to them. You get a payment of what they think the book is worth (after your agent gets their cut, if you used one, then they edit, design the book and cover, while getting all the legalities solidified, promote it, and give you a percentage of proceeds made.

If I got you’re thinking I JUST GOT PAID,” think again. For a book sold for $12.95 you may only see .25 cents per copy sold. Unless you are a famous writer like Stephen King (my favorite after James Baldwin) or you hit it big in the young adult streak, like Stephanie and Marissa Meyer (not related), you’re not even looking at enough to buy a cup of coffee.

The lack of control in the process and profit of one’s book is why a lot of writers with a niche market choose self-publishing. This is not to deter you from traditional publishing. There are a lot of plus to traditional publishing especially if you’re a fiction writer or a business entrepreneur who will write more than one book.

Once you decide which publishing process is good for you, the next thing you need to know is what genre your books falls into.

3-Know Your Genre

If you’re writing a non-fiction book, it should be pretty easy to know which genre lies. It would either be in business, science, spiritual, and so forth. The confusion of what genre is best for your book usually brings problems in the fictional world. They are a variety of your book can fall into and it is important to know exactly where your book fits especially when it comes to seeking an agent. Agents represent a specific genre and if you don’t know what genre your book fits into, not only would it be hard to find the right agent but you would not know which audience to attract to your book.

Once the genre is distinguished and you are ready seek an agent or self-publish, it is best to have the book edited by someone other than you.

4-Why You Need an Editor

You are the only person that knows your book the best and what it represents. You are also your own worst critic or greatest cheerleader. With this being known, it is best to let an editor review your book. An editor knows what to look for as far as grammar and proofreading. It is also a fresh pair of eyes that may catch things you missed or point out some areas where elaboration is needed.

The best work you have is what should be presented to your audience or to the agent. What you feel is your best work should be handed to the editor so that when they go through it, they are not that many corrections and you can get your book out faster and with less hassle.

When I say look for an editor it does not only mean someone who is your best friend or family member (unless that is their profession). You should seek a professional editor–one who works in your genre if possible. A good editor will be able to work in more than one genre as well as give you advice on what direction to take your book in case its meaning is not certain.

Having these four things solidified will help in your process to getting your book published.

What is your book about? I can tell you which genre it will fit.

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